Imagevue X2.8 - June 21, 2012

New Mobile Gallery
New Flash Gallery Themes with color variations
MP4/M4V Video playback
View on the map
Nicer URLs without /content/ folder
All user configs, themes and languags are stored in iv-config folder
Caching for very large galleries if iv-config/cache is writable
PHP5.4 Compatibility
Revamped examples
Various usability and general improvements
HTML Start path option
Dedicated Menu Logo option
javascript:lightbox(url [, { params}]) shortcut for links
Contact form sends e-mails with an image
Added bottom_right for text positions
Contact form spam protection
[x] HTML [x] Flash [x] Mobile View selector for folders
Thumbnails -> Thumbnail -> Background Color for PNG thumbnails and images
SEO -> Google Analytics Global option

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