Version 2.6.7 – 22 October 2011:
-Added a new image slider – Content Slider
-Updated Timthumb to the latest version available (2.8.2)
-Fixed a small issue with the Portfolio Posts Loader – displaying “undefined” text below the image
-Added a beginners section in the documentation
-Did some other small improvements

Version 2.6.6 – 26 August 2011:
-Updated Timthumb to the latest version available (2.8)
-Implemented an update notification functionality
Version 2.6.5 – 3 August 2011:
- Updated Timthumb (the image resizing script) to the latest version (1.34) – a security vulnerability was found regarding this script and version 1.34 fixes this vulnerability.
Version 2.6.4 – 12 July 2011:
- Improved the Thumbnail Slider functionality when browser tab is minimized for jQuery 1.6
Version 2.6.3 – 09 June 2011:
- Fixed some incompatibilities that may occur in the next WordPress version (3.2) regarding the newly included jQuery 1.6
- Updated the Nivo slider to latest version – more sliding animations included
Version 2.6.2 – 19 May 2011:
-Added custom pattern field with upload functionality
-Added a new sidebar widget – Pexeto’s posts loader (displays the latest blog posts within the sidebar with small thumbnails)
-Improved the Thumbnail slider initial loading
-Improved the contact form code
-Improved the Showcase functionality
-Some other small issues fixed
-Code improvements
Version 2.6 – 18 March 2011:
-Added IE9 support
-fixed some issues regarding timthumb and the upload functionality for WordPress Network (multisite) installations
-added Quick gallery support in showcase items
-code improvements
Version 2.5. – 25 February 2011:
-fixed some WordPress 3.1 incompatibilities
-updated some of the external libraries to the latest versions
Version 2.4. – 27 January 2011:
-unlimited sliders functionality added
-edit slider images functionality added
-save last edited location in Pexeto Panel functionality added
-Portfolio Posts Loader widget improvements
-added some other improvements
Version 2.3. – 16 December 2010:
-added formatting buttons to the content areas (quick presentation here)
-added upload functionality for the portfolio items
-fixed some small styling issues;
Version 2.2. – 03 December 2010:
-fixed an issue related with the slider descriptions
Version 2.1. – 30 November 2010:
-added WordPress quick gallery support, you can check it out here
-code improvements
Version 2.0. – 25 November 2010:
-implemented the new Pexeto Panel
Version 1.1. - 11 November 2010:
-added an auto image cropping functionality for all the sliders
-code improvements

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