Fixed Filemod bug
Added Google Analytics folder/files tracking
Fixed thumbnails with “globalpath” when loading from non-default gallery location.
When you open flash galllery custom language is reset to default one
After moving/copying files you stay in the current folder
Fixed an issue with minus sign in menu [icon.png]
Fixed missing messages in CSS editor in Imagevue
Better expanding textareas in Config editor
Stripped [icon] from page title in admin
Wider inputs in config editor
Trial expires not that quick now
Ctrl-A/Cmd-A Selection of files in admin doesn’t block selections in textfields
Fix for #/links replacement for HTML gallery
Clean theme delete
Orphaned thumbnail remover
Changed frontend HTML
Better handling of paths with non-latin characters (Not recommended)

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  1. 是免费版本?

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    2. @Boolean 非免费版本" rel="external nofollow">


  2. 这个不错的东西

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    :roll: 很漂亮的主题啊

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  11. 这个好像没有中文呀

    1. 是的 没有中文 但程序主界面带了中文的

  12. :wink: 这个貌似以前用过,不用数据库支持

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    1. 这个 这个 ... 抱歉 没办法 没时间搞啊

  14. 好程序

  15. 感觉还是很好的,但是貌似很强大,不是非常会用啊

  16. 我很喜欢这个东西

  17. 好人一生平安

  18. 支持 谢谢!

  19. 自己可以汉化吗

  20. Imagevue X2.7.5.2 Retail